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California DAR

We are an active group of women with a wide range of interests and activities. Of the nearly 40 NSDAR-sanctioned committees, our chapter fully participates in 26 of them. New members are encouraged to join an existing committee and attend monthly chapter meetings. 

If you are interested in community service, this is the chapter for you. Our members clocked just shy of 15,000 volunteer hours last year. For an expanded list of our community involvement, check out the "Chapter Activities and Projects" link in the blue box at the left.

If you are interested in lineage research, you will enjoy membership in this chapter. Each month, an informal lineage meeting is held at a member's home. It is here that interest in genealogy flourishes like a California pepper tree as members and prospective members come together to learn more about lineage research, help one another find solutions to research problems, and share findings. To learn more, click on the link to our "Calendar" page.

Later in the month, our members gather at a more formal general meeting. In a beautiful setting overlooking the San Fernando Valley, we hold our monthly business meeting and enjoy a catered lunch, followed by a guest speaker. During lunch, animated discussions on all sorts of topics can be heard from each of the tables. It is evident at these meetings that Don Jose De Ortega Chapter, NSDAR, ladies cherish the times spent together. The after lunch programs have been uniformly interesting, featuring visuals and expert information concerning subjects such as conservation, veterans' affairs, women's issues, and little known historic themes. For a better idea of the types of programs planned for this fiscal year, please take a look at our "Calendar" page, easily accessible from the "Calendar" link on the left side of this page.

Also, group trips are often arranged to one of the excellent genealogical libraries in the Los Angeles area or a local historical site.  

To experience the special joy of being a member of the award-winning Don Jose De Ortega Chapter, NSDAR, please contact the chapter regent or the chapter registrar.


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